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Finding People Who Play Garry’s Mod Like You Do

Last updated: April 12, 2021

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Garry’s Mod (sometimes shortened to GMod) is one of the first successful sandbox games on PC and steam making it the foundation that many games have built on. The game contains a lot of social aspects and encourages players to play together in communities and against each other.

Gmod Group

Having other players to play with is very important as the game can be very boring when you’re on your own. Of course, you can easily make friends by joining other people’s servers. But there are other ways you can find players by searching community pages, Enjin and social media.

Community Pages

Community forums and pages are a fantastic way to find like-minded individuals. For years players have been using community pages such as steam and Reddit to connect to other players and socialize about their favorite games. You can find discussions about mods, in-game Easter eggs, bugs and just about anything related to your game of choice.

In this case, you want to search the forums for players who are looking to hang out or play games with.


Gamer’s pals is a great thread on Reddit. It’s different from other threads as you are not allowed to promote your server or group. Instead, you have to advertise yourself as an individual player. Which makes it a fantastic place to find new friends.

Reddit thread

Simply sign in or create a Reddit profile and add your details and information to the page. You could ask to meet new Gmod players and get replies back instantly.


There isn’t a dedicated section for finding players on the Steam community forums. However, most people tend to just post player inquiries in the general discussion thread. A lot of games usually have dedicated threads to make it easier for players to find each other. If you want to create a “looking for players” post. Then check out the link below.


Enjin is a great alternative to generic social media platforms as it’s gamer-focused. It’s great for finding other players as everyone who signs up has to create a profile. When you sign up you will be asked about what your interests are and what sort of games you like to play. This helps match you up with other groups and players making it a lot easier to find other people who like to play GMOD.

Enjin Logo

Enjin Group Search

Enjin has thousands of websites and clan pages that are all hosted on their servers. If you want to find a potential GMod group to join you can easily just sign up, create your profile then use the search bar to find groups related to Garry’s mod. I have an account and have seen loads of community pages that are all looking for players to join their server. Simply ask to join and introduce yourself. This is a fast and effective way to find other players.

Social Media

Social media sites aren’t the best place to find gaming groups, but they can be a good place to search for other players that enjoy playing Garry’s Mod. Facebook and Twitter both allow you to create “groups” which can be game-related.

Finding a Group

Finding a Garry’s Mod group is pretty simple on social media. Simply find the search bar on the home page and type in “Looking for Garry’s mod players” or “Garry’s mod Community”. I have found and joined a lot of groups this way.

GMODHQ Screenshot

Here’s an example of a fan-made page:

Create a Group

If you’re unable to find a group that matches your needs. You can always try creating your own. It’s free to create groups on Facebook. You create a page specifically for finding players or for promoting your server.

If you would like more information on how to promote your server or group check out my GMOD: Promoting your GMOD server Article.

Summing Up

I hope that some of my tips will help you find new players and make new friends in the future.

If you’re interested in reading another one of my articles, why not check out How To Choose A Garry’s Mod Server Hosting Provider it’s great if you are looking for a server of your own or have been thinking about swapping your current provider.

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